Stop House Repossession


House repossession affects thousands on an annual basis. It’s a serious, costly process that leaves you exhausted, financially depleted and homeless, if you’re not careful or simply unlucky. If you are in the process of paying off your property and you have a mortgage and/or a secured loan, then listen up and listen carefully how to stop your house being repossessed.

We understand you may be facing a very difficult time financially, and this maybe due to circumstances outside of your control. With the possibility of having your property repossessed by the lender is looming large on the horizon.As you are probably aware, if your property is repossessed you will find it difficult (or at least more expensive) to obtain any loans or mortgages in the future, and indeed this may even exclude you from some jobs.

How we can help stop house repossession?

One of the most worrying aspects of being a mortgaged homeowner is the possibility of losing your home due to financial problems that occur outside your control. Bako Estates is here to help you in your hour of need, giving you some of the best repossessions advice to minimise the impact and to effectively see repossessions stopped. We specialise in offering you a quick home sale in order to avoid home repossession, giving you swift access to a cash amount that can not only pay off your debts but that can also leave you with money left to assist you in starting again in a new location.

There may be a number of reasons why you are facing repossession, but in today’s economic climate it is becoming a more common occurrence. To stop home repossession we give you the option of a fast house purchase. This will take away the huge stress that you must be facing in your current situation and allow you to sort out your financial difficulties. Taking the right steps to stop house repossession proceedings in their tracks, turning your life around for the better, here atBako Estates we understand the importance of acting as quickly as possible to deliver the most effective solution for you.

Being able to gain the right help to stop repossession with the experts here at allowed thousands of unlucky homeowners across the UK find solace, even in some of their darkest hours. As a specialist company assisting and helping UK property owners avoid repossession proceedings for a number of years now, our services remain as dedicated and professional as the first moment we offered our viable solutions to residents across the UK. By offering to purchase your property for cash,Bako Estates removes the pressure placed on homeowners, taking care of getting repossessions stopped on your behalf, to minimise any trauma and impact on you and your family’s lives.

For a fast house sale you really have come to the right place, we have agents around the UK that are waiting to help you avoid home repossession. All you need to do is fill in the online form or give us a call and you could be able to stop home repossession very quickly. With a fast house sale we can have the full transaction completed within 7 days, removing the stress that you are under and enable you to avoid repossession.


What Is House Repossession?

In short, house repossession London is the process where a lender – often a bank – takes ownership over your property and it occurs when you’ve consistently failed to pay off mortgage instalments. It’s important to note that missing one payment is not going to cost you your home, but missing more than two is going to draw your lender’s attention (most in cases this is a bank). Keep in mind that house repossession document is usually a lender’s last repossession credit report.


Foreclosure, or repossession, is the process whereby the bank or other mortgage lender sell a mortgaged house to obtain payment for a loan in respect of which the holder has defaulted. Quite simply it can be avoided by maintain repayments as agreed in your initial mortgage contract for the duration of the mortgage. However in reality it is seldom that straightforward, and often can come down to your ability to plan and forecast for eventual possible outcomes.

The first point at which you should consider the possible repercussions of non-payment is when confronted with selecting the mortgage you want for your property. Generally speaking the longer the term of the mortgage the more interest you’re likely to pay. However, that higher price may be worth it if you can aid cash flow by reducing the repayments on a monthly basis. Additionally you will be faced with the decision between fixed rate and variable rate mortgages. Over the longer term, at the moment it is probably best to opt for a fixed term at a comparatively low interest rate. What that means for you is that whether or not interest rates fluctuate, you’ll know exactly what’s due every single month for the duration of your mortgage, allowing you to more effectively plan your finances and help stop repossession before it stops you.

You can read more about house repossession on Shelter’s website.

Stop Repossession – Avoid Repossession

Here at Bako Estates, we are able to offer all home owners a quick and stress free option to sell their property no matter what condition, size or location, either when searching for a way to avoid repossession or when simply requiring fast cash for their homes. We are a well established quick house buyer that supplies a service that is stress free which has no delays and charges and no extra costs of selling your property on the open market.


Stop repossession proceedings from destroying everything you have worked so hard for with the professional assistance that can be offered to you here at Quick Property Rescue. Our ethos has always been to provide a viable alternative to losing your home, leaving you with nothing. Our repossessions advice team have been offering unbiased and confidential assistance for years and can easily show you the light at the end of the tunnel, a way to stop house repossession from taking over your life.

We can guarantee that we are able to make an offer to purchase your property, regardless of what the condition may be or the location we accept anywhere in the U.K. As professional quick home buyers it is our aim to provide all our clients with a problem free and quick house sale which is completed within their own specific time scale, every one of our clients have been completely satisfied with the services we have provided for them.

By being fast property purchase buyers we are able to purchase your property and give you a cash lump sum within a few weeks, helping you to possibly avoid your home being repossessed. We are basically offering you a problem free, straight forward and quick solution for selling your property for cash. Stop house repossession proceedings from ruling your life and risking all you’ve worked for with our personal and tailored assistance. We advise you on the best way to avoid repossession from occurring now and in the future.

Benefits of using Bako Estates

  • A no obligation, FREE assessment of your situation
  • A solution tailored to your situation
  • Hassle Free, with no pushy sales people
  • We usually make an offer within 48 hours
  • Contract exchange and completion usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks.
  • We are discrete, so your neighbours will not know
  • Guaranteed completion, we never back out of a deal
  • No wasted time
  • No Legal Fees for the sale
  • No Estate Agent fees, typically 2-3% plus VAT
  • No Valuation Fees

Can I Stop a House Repossession Without Selling My Home?

It may be possible to stop the repossession of your home without selling it. In this case, it would be best to seek out the free advice of the following organisations: