We Buy Any House

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We value your time and we understand that sometimes circumstances can put you in a position where you have to sell your house, and do it quick. Avoid going through all trouble working with an estate agent, which can take months and cost you dearly. Sell your house to us and receive a check for the full sum within 5-7 days. We buy any house – old or new construction, renovated or with visible wear and tear. If this sounds good to you, allow us to walk you through how we work and what you can expect.

You Don’t Pay a Single Fee

The whole process from evaluating your property (always done by a trusted, certified in-house valuers) to the actual purchase are fee-free. There are no hidden charges, no fees or expenses in connection to remodeling. You receive our quote at a convenient for you date and time, accept and receive a payment within the week.

You Don’t Have to Renovate the House

It’s common knowledge when working with an estate agent that remodeling is a must, if you’ve a hope to sell your house in the first place, much less boost its market value. This is time and cost intensive, and completely unnecessary when working with us. You sell us your house as it is and we do what needs doing after the sale.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Months

Even after you’ve done your best to freshen up your house, there’s no promise you’re getting an offer in the first week working with a real estate agent. We send you an offer within 24 hours and you can sell your property within 7 days. All you have to do is communicate when you’re ready to move and we’ll arrange the rest. The reason this is the case is because we work with private funds, rather than wait for a third party to pay for the purchase. This drastically shortens the time period. Simply put, there’s no faster way to make money on real estate.

You Have Guidelines and Solicitors Working in Your Favor

All this is heavily monitored in accordance to industry regulations. We might not be real estate agents, but we do follow the same set of rules. Our valuers are certified and we also have all the paperwork assigned to solicitors, so everything is legal and in your favor.

Have a house to sell? It doesn’t even need to a house – we can work with flats and bungalows as well. Give us a call and we’ll launch into action the very same day.